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In my humble opinion(IMHO), our Minnesota Elections are rigged. I have been a Minnesota Election Judge for a decade or more now. Many elections ago, I brought up my concerns about the integrity of our elections to Minneapolis MN Election judge officials. For this discussion, I will focus on concerns relating to the Electronic Ballot Boxes.


Many elections ago I brought up my concerns about fraudulent computer code in Electronic Ballot Boxes that can be used to flip any election 51/49. This was primarily inspired by this video “Proof of Election/Voter fraud in the USA from the Horse’s Mouth” [ http://YouTube/w0-DFw36ALQ ] On numerous occasions I have asked who audits the Electronic Ballot Box (EBB) Computer Code. I have received answers ranging from “We just trust the company”, “The Computer Code is proprietary”, “A small group of top officials audits the code” implying we should just trust corrupt government officials to not rig our elections. America’s entire government is premised on the perspective that the government cannot be trusted. Perhaps the perspective of the nature of humankind held by the Founders is best summarized in the Cato Letters, “ All [people] have free will and are NOT virtuous by nature”. Checks and Balances were the primary means of addressing the non-virtuous nature of humankind. What those in charge of Minnesota Elections suggest in trusting the word of a small group of Progressive Technocrats is diametrically opposed the Constitutional policy of checks and balances. To wit, I proposed ways to audit the EBB Computer Code such as adding computer code line counts and character counts and random physical audits of Electronic Boxes on Election Day. All have been rejected.

What follows of is a series of correspondence on this matter I have had with Minneapolis MN Election Superiors, Hennepin County Election Superiors and the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. I invite you to judge for yourself if this is the way you think an MN Election Judges trying to ensure the integrity of an election should be treated:

My 05FEB2020 Training Handout & attachment to Letter to Minneapolis Elections 24FEB2020

My 24FEB2020 Letter to Minneapolis MN Elections re Electronic Ballot Box Auditing

Minneapolis MN Elections and Voter Services 26FEB2020 Response To Mashak’s 24FEB2020 Letter

My 26FEB2020 EMail response to Minneapolis MN Election & Voter Services EMail of 26FEB2020

My 27FEB2020 Email to Am I correct in presuming you folks take an oath to uphold the Original Organic US Constitution?

My Letter to MN Secretary of State 27FEB2020

Minneapolis MN Election and Voter Services 13Mar2020 Response to My 26FEB2020 EMail

I submit to you the final letter was approved by Hennepin Country Elections and the Secretary of State as I do not recall receiving any separate replies to my correspondences of 27FEB2020 to them.

This is one of the situations where you have to be there to notice the body language and intonations of personal interactions that are not conveyed through the written word. Each election judge’s oath requires they work to ensure the integrity of the election. Yet, my reading of the responses to my Election Integrity concerns seem to state and/or infer my efforts to redress these issues are unwanted and actually interfere with Elections and Election Integrity. I submit the Progressive Globalist Insurgents who have infiltrated our government elections thought they were being clever in their evasive response. Everything they say seems reasonable, but it does not reflect the reality of what is actually transpiring. Election Judges spend all that time and busy-work counting, recounting and initialing ballots, etc., but all means nothing if the Electronic Ballot Box Computer Code is written to allow fraud. Fellow rank and file front line Election Judges, I put it to you that all Election Judges take an oath to enforce the integrity of our elections. Something does not smell right to me, and I wanted to each of you to have the chance to give it the smell test.

While the Minneapolis Elections Leadership were being clever in their responses, I assert the lengths they went to in discouraging me and preventing me from communicating this information to other Election Judges evinces they have something to hide. They refused to let me hand out flyers at Election Judge Training Seminars. They refused to have a meeting of rank and file Election Judges to let us as representatives of WE THE PEOPLE determine if there is any merit to my concerns. They refused to let me have email addresses to send it. They refused to let me give the original handout to other Election judges in a sealed envelope after the polls closed and we are leaving for the night.


Also consider, Progressive Globalist Educated Elites assert they are superior to the masses and should not be accountable to them. Why would they let themselves be accountable to the masses through elections? Progressives assert a right to lie to the allegedly ignorant masses? Recall ‘Keep your Insurance’ and ‘Keep your doctor’ and other lies to pass Progressive Globalist Obamacare? (You may rationalize it as OK because you wanted Obamacare, but what happens the next time they lie to pass legislation you don’t like or want. We must require that our non-virtuous government always provides the masses with the truth in making law, or we are doomed to tyranny) If you doubt this is the true attitude and philosophy of the Progressive Globalist Insurgency please read “Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics and American Economics in the Progressive Era” 2016 by Progressive Professor Thomas Leonard (Borrow from the local library for free) and the Progressive Psy-Ops Manual “Rules for Radicals” 1971 by Progressive Marxist Saul Alinsky (WebSearch for free online copies).

The point being, if Progressive Globalists Educated Elite Technocrats think they are superior and assert a right to lie to the allegedly ignorant masses, Why wouldn’t they lie about elections NOT being rigged? IMHO, We are in the middle of a nontraditional revolution by slow, covert, incremental infiltration over generations so no one generation notices enough change to resist, take up arms or mount a counter-revolution. Further, consider that students of history will recognize that many of the tactics the Progressive Globalist Insurgency is using are the same or similar to the tactics Hitler and Goebbels used to bring the NAZIs to power in the 1920s and 1930s.

But back to the issue at hand. By their actions and attitude, I submit to you our Minneapolis Election Hierarchy has something to hide. If you take your oaths seriously, you should demand there be a statewide meeting to discuss this threat/potential threat to the integrity of our Elections weeks before the November Elections. If you fail to do so, you are putting your stamp of approval on election results you do not know with certainty are valid and true. Fellow Election Judges, I am confident I am acting as true Patriot and I ask; How about you? And, for the rest of America, the next time you hear there is no or little evidence of our elections being rigged in any manner, remember the resistance, duplicity, doublespeak and evasiveness you have witnessed here in this Election Judge’s efforts to ensure the integrity of our elections.

As for Election Judges elsewhere in America and the world; be advised there were once more than 15 manufacturers of Electronic Boxes in the world, there are now less than 5. And all but one of these remaining, Billionaire George Soros holds a large or majority interest. As such, it as likely the concerns I have expressed here in Minnesota exist in your corner of the nation/world. Ergo, your oath also requires you to make similar inquiries. <> Lengua española


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