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So, my fellow citizens, some of you are all good with trying to redress the injustices of Election 2020, by waiting until the 2022/2024 elections to vote again?  Did I get that right?

And that’s without redressing the specific issues that caused the injustices in ELECTION 2020… Some of you are just going to wait until 2022/2024 and hope same/similar injustice does NOT occur again? Really?


Progressive Election Administrators ignored or flaunted the rules. Law Enforcement failed to investigate and charge. Government Attorneys failed prosecute. SCOTUS used technicality to avoid hearing the issue on the merits. And Congress failed to Constitutionally “Check and Balance” SCOTUS for failing to do its job. Again, all of these government employees took oaths that their actions/inactions violated.

And then they all said, “See, inaction by Law Enforcement, SCOTUS and Congress is proof of 2020 Election Integrity”. What part of this non sequitur logic did I miss?  It seems our Progressive-usurped Government thinks WE THE PEOPLE are so ignorant that we won’t recognize a seditious and treasonous conspiracy when we see one. Personally, I feel justified in being angry to the point of being moved to action, regardless of whether the rest of you want to roll over and take it, or not.

To wit, Government should consider this my exercise of my Natural Right to Petition Government for Redress as reduced to writing in the First Amendment. And, I formally demand Government act to redress said injustices immediately. If I am wrong in my Establishment of Truth and my resultant course of action, tell me how and why, publicly and in writing.

My fellow citizens, it seems clear that the actions of government described above, combined with Mainstream Media Propaganda, Social Media Censorship, Common Core Indoctrination and COVID-19 Lockdowns, exacerbated by multiple layers of Government officials failing to uphold their oaths to support and defend the Constitution constitute a a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evincing a design to reduce WE THE PEOPLE under absolute Despotism” (US Declaration of Independence 1776).

Once again, if I am wrong, someone tell me how I am wrong.  Government does NOT get to commit crimes against WE THE PEOPLE, and then escape accountability by essentially saying, “because we say so, it wasn’t a crime”. Natural Law and the Constitution make WE THE PEOPLE the Sovereigns, and our public servants accountable to WE THE PEOPLE. Calling those of us who try to hold our government accountable for its crimes, “Domestic Terrorists”, and then holing up behind guns and barb wire (put in place on false pretexts), while failing to address and redress these issues are acts and attitudes of tyrannical Despots who assert unaccountability to anyone.

That said, my fellow citizens, behind closed doors, Progressive RINOs and DINOs in government say you are too ignorant to understand what they have done and are doing. Progressives say they are superior to the ignorant masses and not accountable to them. (Pages 51 & 52) I have personally heard this and I have personally told Progressive Government RINOs and DINOs they are wrong. However, each of you must establish truth for yourselves and act accordingly.

My fellow citizens, what these New World Order Progressives seek is beyond evil. Rather than humanity being comprised of self-Determinant individuals, Progressives say Humanity is a single “Social Organism”. (Pages 101-102) Like a colony of Honeybees, Progressive RINOs and DINOs view the masses as expendable worker bees, with no rights(Page 25), who exist only to serve the Progressive Hive Community as ordered by the Progressive Elite King and Queen bees. (I encourage you to read the entire book, “Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics and American Economics in the Progressive Era” 2016 by practicing, hardcore, Progressive Professor, Thomas Leonard <> Borrow at your local library or buy here)

Ladies, please forgive in advance for my breach of political correctness decorum while I attempt to motivate others to fight this injustice. If one of you women want to step up, I am more than happy to step aside. That said, the nature of men to protect those they care about has insured the survival of humanity for thousands of years. American men, if you let this injustice stand and be inflicted on your women, children and the infirm, you are not Real Men nor Patriots; you are cowards and political cuckolds.  If you choose to be cowards and cuckolds, “Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” ~ Samuel Adams (1722-1803).

In closing, It is clear government will not redress this injustice, unless WE THE PEOPLE apply enough pressure. If you wish our grievances with Election 2020 to be redressed, WE THE PEOPLE must remain focused on our goal, to the exclusion of almost all other goals. The Progressive Globalist Insurgency traitors are betting that if they can stall long enough, you will just give up and accept your new status as ignorant slaves. If you do not want that for your children and future generations of Americans, Do NOT let them distract you with new issues and new crises. Everyday, contact your oath-breaking traitor elected officials and demand redress on this issue until they comply.

Did I mention I hate politics as much as the next person, but these acts of despotism by our government requires WE THE PEOPLE to hold our government accountable.

Those were my thoughts.
Thank you for your time.

Keep fighting the good fight, fellow patriots.

In Liberty,
Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot

This document inspired by Richard Kovacevich, David Lillehaug, Wells Fargo Bank, NA and William Bunker



Entonces, mis conciudadanos, ¿algunos de ustedes están bien tratando de reparar las injusticias de las elecciones de 2020, esperando hasta las elecciones de 2022/2024 para volver a votar? ¿Entendí bien?

Y eso sin corregir los problemas específicos que causaron las injusticias en las ELECCIONES 2020 … ¿Algunos de ustedes simplemente van a esperar hasta 2022/2024 y esperan que NO vuelva a ocurrir la misma injusticia o una injusticia similar? ¿En serio?


Los administradores de elecciones progresivas ignoraron o hicieron alarde de las reglas. La policía no investigó ni presentó cargos. Los abogados del gobierno no procesaron. SCOTUS utilizó tecnicismos para evitar escuchar la cuestión sobre el fondo. Y el Congreso falló en “Controlar y equilibrar” constitucionalmente a SCOTUS por no hacer su trabajo. Una vez más, todos estos empleados del gobierno tomaron juramento de que sus acciones / inacciones violaron.

Y luego todos dijeron: ‘Mira, la inacción de las fuerzas del orden, SCOTUS y el Congreso es una prueba de la integridad de las elecciones de 2020’. ¿Qué parte de esta lógica incongruente me perdí? Parece que nuestro Gobierno usurpado progresista piensa que NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO somos tan ignorantes que no reconoceremos una conspiración sediciosa y traidora cuando la veamos. Personalmente, me siento justificado en estar enojado hasta el punto de ser movido a la acción, sin importar si el resto de ustedes quiere darse la vuelta y tomarlo o no.

Es decir, el gobierno debería considerar que este es mi ejercicio de mi derecho natural a solicitar una reparación al gobierno, como se reduce a escrito en la Primera Enmienda. Y exijo formalmente que el gobierno actúe para reparar dichas injusticias de inmediato. Si me equivoco en mi Establecimiento de la Verdad y mi curso de acción resultante, dígame cómo y por qué, públicamente y por escrito.

Mis conciudadanos, parece claro que las acciones del gobierno descritas anteriormente, combinadas con la propaganda de los principales medios de comunicación, la censura en las redes sociales, el adoctrinamiento básico común y los cierres de COVID-19, exacerbados por múltiples capas de funcionarios del gobierno que no cumplen con sus juramentos de apoyar y defender la Constitución constituye una ‘larga serie de abusos y usurpaciones, que persigue invariablemente el mismo Objeto que evidencia un diseño para reducir NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO al Despotismo absoluto ”(Declaración de Independencia de los Estados Unidos 1776).

Una vez más, si me equivoco, alguien me diga en qué me equivoco. El gobierno NO puede cometer crímenes contra NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO, y luego escapar de la rendición de cuentas diciendo esencialmente, ‘porque nosotros lo decimos, no fue un crimen’. La Ley Natural y la Constitución hacen que NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO sean los Soberanos, y nuestros servidores públicos rindan cuentas ante NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO. Llamar a aquellos de nosotros que intentamos hacer que nuestro gobierno rinda cuentas por sus crímenes, ‘terroristas domésticos’, y luego escondernos detrás de armas y alambre de púas (implementado con pretextos falsos), mientras no abordamos y reparamos estos problemas son actos y actitudes de déspotas tiránicos que afirman no rendir cuentas a nadie.

Dicho esto, mis conciudadanos, a puerta cerrada, los RINO progresistas y los DINO en el gobierno dicen que son demasiado ignorantes para comprender lo que han hecho y están haciendo. Los progresistas dicen que son superiores a las masas ignorantes y no les rinden cuentas. (Páginas 51 y 52) Personalmente he escuchado esto y personalmente les he dicho a los RINO y DINO del Gobierno Progresista que están equivocados. Sin embargo, cada uno de ustedes debe establecer la verdad por sí mismo y actuar en consecuencia.

Mis conciudadanos, esta búsqueda de los progresistas del Nuevo Orden Mundial está más allá del mal. En lugar de que la humanidad esté compuesta por individuos autodeterminantes, los progresistas dicen que la humanidad es un único “organismo social”. (Páginas 101-102) Como una colonia de abejas, los RINO progresivos y los DINO ven a las masas como abejas obreras prescindibles, sin derechos (Página 25), que existen solo para servir a la Comunidad de la colmena progresiva según lo ordenado por el Rey y la Reina de élite progresiva. abejas. (Le animo a leer el libro completo, ‘Reformadores iliberales: raza, eugenesia y economía estadounidense en la era progresiva’ 2016 por el profesor practicante, incondicional y progresista, Thomas Leonard <> Pida prestado en su biblioteca local o compre aquí)

Señoras, por favor perdonen de antemano mi incumplimiento del decoro de la corrección política mientras intento motivar a otros a luchar contra esta injusticia. Si una de ustedes, las mujeres, quiere dar un paso al frente, estoy más que feliz de hacerme a un lado. Dicho esto, la naturaleza de los hombres para proteger a sus seres queridos ha asegurado la supervivencia de la humanidad durante miles de años. Hombres estadounidenses, si permiten que esta injusticia permanezca y sea infligida a sus mujeres, niños y enfermos, no son Hombres de Verdad ni Patriotas; sois cobardes y cornudos politicos. Si eliges ser cobardes y cornudos, “Agáchate y lame las manos que te alimentan. Que tus cadenas se pongan livianas sobre ti y que la posteridad olvide que eras nuestro compatriota. ~ Samuel Adams (1722-1803).

Para terminar, está claro que el gobierno no reparará esta injusticia, a menos que NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO apliquemos suficiente presión. Si desea que se resuelvan nuestras quejas con las Elecciones 2020, NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO debemos mantenernos enfocados en nuestro objetivo, con exclusión de casi todos los demás objetivos. Los traidores de la Insurgencia Globalista Progresista están apostando a que si pueden detenerse el tiempo suficiente, simplemente te rendirás y aceptarás tu nuevo estado de esclavos ignorantes. Si no quiere eso para sus hijos y las futuras generaciones de estadounidenses, NO permita que lo distraigan con nuevos problemas y nuevas crisis. Todos los días, comuníquese con los funcionarios electos traidores que rompen el juramento y exija una reparación sobre este tema hasta que cumplan.

¿Mencioné que odio la política tanto como cualquier otra persona, pero estos actos de despotismo por parte de nuestro gobierno requieren que NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO hagamos responsable a nuestro gobierno?

Esos fueron mis pensamientos.
Gracias por tu tiempo.

Sigan peleando la buena batalla, compañeros patriotas.

En libertad
Don Mashak
El patriota cínico

Este documento inspirado por Richard Kovacevich, David Lillehaug, Wells Fargo Bank, NA y William Bunker

US 18 CODE 2383 – Rebellion or Insurrection & US 18 CODE 2383 – Rebelión o Insurrección


US 18 CODE 2383 – Rebellion or Insurrection

US 18 CODE 2383 – Rebellion or Insurrection

18 U.S. Code § 2383 – Rebellion or Insurrection

Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Our Constitution & the settled Metaphysics of Natural Law (Par. 1, Declaration of Independence) are the established civil authority of our Country. Per these, WE THE PEOPLE have inalienable Rights, and as the Sovereigns, have the right to abolish our government if it ignores the Constitution and Natural Law.

FELLOW AMERICANS, YOU HAVE BEEN DECEIVED. THE PROGRESSIVE GLOBALIST ELITES ARE THE REAL INSURRECTIONISTS. And, have been so for 100+ years. Progressives Elites have many unconstitutional beliefs. (eg. concept of rights of the individual is nonsense, Pg 25; Constitution’s Checks & Balances hinder government, Pg 66; & the masses are too ignorant to govern themselves, Pgs 51-52; Progressive Globalist Elites are superior to, & are not accountable to the masses, Pgs 51-52 & many more). The unconstitutional beliefs of the Progressive Elites became Sedition & Treason when they ACTED to make them reality circa 1913. They created the 4th Branch of government aka Administrative State (Pgs 40-49) ) to spearhead their revolution by slow, covert infiltration.

18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy

If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

18 U.S. Code § 2382 – Misprision of treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

This document inspired by Richard Kovacevich, David Lillehaug, Wells Fargo Bank, NA and William Bunker

US 18 CODE 2383 – Rebelión o insurrección

US 18 CODE 2383 – Rebelión o insurrección

18 U.S. Code § 2383 – Rebelión o insurrección
Quien incite, ponga en pie, ayude o participe en cualquier rebelión o insurrección contra la autoridad de los Estados Unidos o sus leyes, o le brinde ayuda o consuelo, será multado bajo este título o encarcelado no más de diez años, o ambos; y será incapaz de ocupar ningún cargo en los Estados Unidos.

Nuestra Constitución y la establecida Metafísica de la Ley Natural (Par. 1, Declaración de Independencia) son la autoridad civil establecida de nuestro País. Por estos, NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO tenemos Derechos inalienables, y como Soberanos, tenemos el derecho de abolir nuestro gobierno si ignora la Constitución y la Ley Natural.

AMERICANOS, HAN SIDO ENGAÑADOS. LAS ELITAS GLOBALISTAS PROGRESIVAS SON LOS VERDADEROS INSURRECCIONISTAS. Y lo han sido durante más de 100 años. Las élites progresistas tienen muchas creencias inconstitucionales. (p. ej., el concepto de los derechos del individuo es una tontería, pág. 25; Los controles y balances de la Constitución obstaculizan el gobierno, pág. 66; y las masas son demasiado ignorantes para gobernarse a sí mismas, págs. 51-52; las élites globalistas progresistas son superiores y no responsable ante las masas, págs. 51-52 y muchas más). Las creencias inconstitucionales de las élites progresistas se convirtieron en sedición y traición cuando ACTUARON para hacerlas realidad alrededor de 1913. Crearon la cuarta rama del gobierno, también conocida como Estado Administrativo (págs. 40-49)) para encabezar su revolución mediante una infiltración lenta y encubierta.

18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy

Si dos o más personas en cualquier Estado o Territorio, o en cualquier lugar sujeto a la jurisdicción de los Estados Unidos, conspiran para derrocar, sofocar o destruir por la fuerza al Gobierno de los Estados Unidos, o para librar la guerra contra ellos, o para oponerse por la fuerza a su autoridad, o por la fuerza para prevenir, obstaculizar o retrasar la ejecución de cualquier ley de los Estados Unidos, o por la fuerza para apoderarse, tomar o poseer cualquier propiedad de los Estados Unidos en contra de la autoridad de los mismos , cada uno será multado bajo este título o encarcelado no más de veinte años, o ambos.

18 U.S. Code § 2382 – Misprisión de traición

Quien, debiendo lealtad a los Estados Unidos y teniendo conocimiento de la comisión de cualquier traición en su contra, encubre y no divulga y da a conocer, tan pronto como sea posible, lo mismo al Presidente oa algún juez de los Estados Unidos, o ante el gobernador o ante algún juez o magistrado de un Estado en particular, es culpable de delito de traición a la patria y será multado bajo este título o encarcelado no más de siete años, o ambos.

Este documento inspirado en Richard Kovacevich, David Lillehaug, Wells Fargo Bank, NA y William Bunker

US Election 2020 – How Much Longer? & Elecciones estadounidenses de 2020: ¿cuánto más tiempo?


US Election 2020 – How Much Longer?

US Election 2020 – How Much Longer?

How much longer will WETHEPEOPLE let the Political Establishment Pee on our heads and tell us it is raining? Fellow Citizens and Patriots, I say to you, “WE THE PEOPLE must stop waiting for someone to rescue us, WE THE PEOPLE must rescue ourselves.

Many of you speak of redressing the issues of Election 2020 by pushing new Election Integrity Laws to prevent a repeat of the 2020 Election travesty in 2022. And, that is good and necessary, as the Founder’s roadmap for dealing with tyranny requires, WE THE PEOPLE must exhaust our peaceful remedies befoe we consider alternative remedies. But,with due respect, I must point out my belief that the majority of the masses,will not find such remedies adequate, effective or acceptable redress of the true issues which caused the masses to question the  integrity of the results of Election 2020.

Unhappily, I must point out the problem with the 2020 Election was not due to the lack of Election Integrity Laws. The real problem of was one of government officials purposely ignoring and/or actively violating Election Integrity Laws. To further elaborate, the real problem was a combination of Progressive Election Administrators, often forcibly ignoring already established rules. , along with Election Integrity Laws and Rules ALREADY ON THE BOOKS.  And, the later failure of Law Enforcement, SCOTUS and Congress to act in accordance with the Constitution’s Checks and Balances. Don’t kill the messenger, but what is the point of new & tougher Election Integrity Laws if you don’t address the failure of Election Administrators, Law Enforcement, SCOTUS, State Courts, State Legislators and Congress to enforce them. Later in this article, I will put a finer point on SCOTUS’s role in these matters.

As an election judge, I long warned of potential election fraud, including rigged Electronic Ballot Box Computer Code for many years. [ http://rebrand.ly/IMHOElectionsRigged ]  From the treatment I received as an Election Judge from Minnesota Election Administrators, their attempts to hide the issue and their failure to take action, my sense was that Progressive Election Administrators were more interested in the “appearance” of election integrity, rather than actual election integrity. [ http://rebrand.ly/Unmasked2020 & http:// rebrand.ly/BFIN2020ElectionFraudFacts] And, in my opinion, the reason they were concerned only with the appearance of Integrity, was so WE THE PEOPLE (the masses) would just accept whatever fraudulent results Progressive Election Administrators presented us with. As an Election Judge and upon all the facts myself, and my fellow citizens have been witnessing too, I assert to you our government is engaged in sedition and treason evinced by rigging, and covering up the rigging, of Election 2020.

The question is, “What should WE THE PEOPLE believe and what should WE THE PEOPLE do?” We all know Mainstream Media, Social Media and Politicians have been using Propaganda, Indoctrination, Censorship and suspect COVID-19 Quarantine Protocols to prevent WE THE PEOPLE from Establishing Truth for ourselves by discussing matters among ourselves. At the same time, this is a decision that may possibly determine the fate of your children and humanity for eternity. Trust your own gut in Establishing Truth for yourself. But, before anyone establishes truth for themselves on such an important matter, I ask you to read “Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics and American Economics in the Progressive Era”. It was first published in 2016 by hardcore, practicing Progressive Professor, Thomas Leonard. (You can check it out from your local library). Once you have established the truth of these matters for yourself, only then can you plot an appropriate course of action.

To summarize, the Progressive Globalist Elites are waging an unconventional Civil War by slow, covert infiltration over generations so no one generation notices enough change to resist, revolt, take up arms and/or mount a counter-revolution. This seditious and treasonous revolution began with the establishment of a 4th Branch of Government (Administrative State) under Progressive President Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921). Among other bullroar, Progressives Elites believe they are genetically and intellectually superior to the masses and should NOT be accountable to the allegedly ignorant masses. Progressive Elites tasked the Administrative State with reducing the accountability of the original 3 branches of government to WE THE PEOPLE and spearheading the advancement of the unconstitutional agenda of the Progressive Globalist Elites. At the moment that the unconstitutional thoughts of the Progressive Globalist Elites turned to action to make them reality, their thoughts and acts became treason and sedition.

Returning to SCOTUS’s role in these matters… To put a finer point on it, the prevailing jurisprudence in deciding matters before the Courts in our country, had been the “(Roscoe)Pound Principle”. The “Pound Principle” gave high preferences for all matters before any court to be decided on the merits, and not on technicality. Over the course of the 100+ years of Progressive Globalist Insurgency’s revolution by slow infiltration, our traitor Judiciary & US BAR replaced the common-sense Pound Principle’s great preference to resolve matters on the merits. Progressive Jurists and Lawyers replaced “great preference for court decisions on the merits” with the Progressive Globalists preference to decide matters on technicality and without a jury comprised of the allegedly ignorant masses. SCOTUS decided NOT to hear the matter of 2020 Election Fraud based on technicality and not the merits. This, despite the fact that the issue of Election Integrity is a matter of the highest importance in a Representative, Constitutionally-Limited Republic. But SCOTUS, overrun by Progressive RINOs and DINOs, chose to aid and abet the Progressive Globalist Insurgency. To repeat, SCOTUS did so by refusing to hear the matter of 2020 Election Fraud on technicality, but used their decision to give the appearance of legitimacy and legality of the 2020 Election. Co conspirator Congress then failed to “Check and Balance” SCOTUS, instead continuing the misrepresentation that the decision of SCOTUS in refusing to hear the matter on technicality, was proof of the legitimacy of the 2020 Election results. 

Yes, I know there are still cases pending in the matters of the 2020 Election Fraud. However, this case perhaps more than any other, evinces the adage, “Justice Delayed is Justice denied. Despite this fact, somehow SCOTUS and CONGRESS wants to assert their actions were just and Constitutional. And, still further, use this misrepresentation as a false pretext to punish citizens, who having established truth for themselves, petitioned them for redress of their grievances (Natural Law, 1st Amendment, Declaration of Independence – Long Train of Abuses) in the strongest possible terms and manner.

Natural Law (1st paragraph, Declaration of Independence) and the US Constitution are the established civil authority and government of our Country. Per Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of insurrection: “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government”. Progressive Globalist are the traitors who have been engaged in acts of “Insurrection” for 100+ years.

18 U.S. Code § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection

Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Further consider, that there are 335 members (of 535 members) of Congress who are lawyers. Further still, there are 1.3 million lawyers in the USA. Yet, not one lawyer was able and/or willing to draft a pleading on election fraud that could survive being rejected by SCOTUS on technicality. This further evinces the US BAR and Judiciary as conspirators in this long running, seditious and treasonous coup, and/or the existence of some form of Judicial “Code Red” (see 1992 movie, “A Few Good Men”) rules that punishes lawyers and judges who oppose the Progressive Globalist Insurgency. Either way, how is it possible that NOT one single lawyer in America could draft a rule-conforming lawsuit to the US Supreme Court on the single most important issue in our Representative, Constitutionally-limited Republic? Again, I leave it to you, the reader, to establish truth for yourself.

Based on these facts, I ask all US Law Enforcement and Military personnel to Establish Truth for yourselves and then act, according to the truth you establish for yourselves, to fulfill your oaths to support and defend the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Please do so, that WE THE PEOPLE need not be burdened with mounting a Counter-Revolution to the Progressive Globalist Insurgency.

I call upon Law Enforcement and Military to assess and/or reassess the facts for themselves and act accordingly, and not rely upon, nor act upon, the propaganda, spin, perspectives and decisions that compromised government officials have dictated to you. Once again, I demand you uphold your oaths of offices to support and defend the US Constitution, by acting upon the bonafide truth they establish for themselves. (County Sheriffs especially have a Constitutional Authority and Duty to unilaterally support and defend the Constitution and enforce the Law without asking permission of anyone.) At the same time, no one should rely upon the assessment of their superiors. Many or most have been compromised and/or are willing Coconspirators in the nontraditional Progressive Globalist Insurgency. I pray that all US Law Enforcement and Military realize that the fate of humanity may rest in their rugged individualist hands. I say, “may” because WE THE PEOPLE may yet become the final arbitrators of right and wrong.

   At the same time, the Founder’s instructed us that WE THE PEOPLE must exhaust our peaceful remedies, before we consider alternate remedies. To wit, I advise you as follows: Your efforts at electing true Constitutional Conservative Candidates and enacting better Election Integrity Law serve a dual purpose of actually trying to peacefully remedy our grievances with government and documenting exhausting of these peaceful remedies. At the same time, I implore you, “Do NOT let the political establishment simply play you by exhausting your physical, emotional and financial resources, leaving you with no energy left to pursue alternative remedies, if and when that time comes”.

   My final thought is as follows, I see no way for America nor Humanity to recover if the injustices of US Election 2020 are not redressed and undone, post-haste.

Those were my thoughts

In Liberty,
Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot

This document inspired by Richard Kovacevich, David Lillehaug, Wells Fargo Bank, NA and William Bunker

Elecciones estadounidenses de 2020: ¿cuánto más tiempo?

Elecciones estadounidenses de 2020: ¿cuánto más tiempo?

Muchos de ustedes hablan de corregir los problemas de la Elección 2020 impulsando nuevas Leyes de Integridad Electoral para evitar que se repita la parodia de la Elección 2020 en 2022. Y eso es bueno y necesario, como lo requiere la hoja de ruta del Fundador para lidiar con la tiranía, Debemos agotar nuestros remedios pacíficos, consideramos remedios alternativos.

Pero, Con el debido respeto, debo señalar mi creencia de que la mayoría de las masas no encontrarán tales remedios como una reparación adecuada, efectiva o aceptable de los verdaderos problemas que hicieron que las masas cuestionaran la integridad de los resultados de las Elecciones 2020.

Lamentablemente, debo señalar que el problema con las elecciones de 2020 no se debió a la falta de leyes de integridad electoral. El problema real fue uno de los funcionarios del gobierno que deliberadamente ignoraron y / o violaron activamente las Leyes de Integridad Electoral. Para dar más detalles, el problema real fue una combinación de Administradores Electorales Progresistas, a menudo ignorando por la fuerza las reglas ya establecidas. Y, el posterior fracaso de la aplicación de la ley, SCOTUS y el Congreso de actuar de acuerdo con los Controles y Balances de la Constitución, junto con las Leyes y Reglas de Integridad Electoral YA ESTÁN EN LOS LIBROS. No mates al mensajero, pero ¿cuál es el sentido de las leyes de integridad electoral nuevas y más estrictas si no abordas el fracaso de los administradores electorales, las fuerzas del orden, SCOTUS, los tribunales estatales, los legisladores estatales y el Congreso para hacerlas cumplir? Más adelante en este artículo, destacaré el papel de SCOTUS en estos asuntos.

Como juez electoral, advertí durante muchos años sobre un posible fraude electoral, incluido el código informático de urnas electrónicas manipulado. [http://rebrand.ly/IMHOElectionsRigged] Por el trato que recibí como juez electoral de los administradores electorales de Minnesota, sus intentos de ocultar el problema y su falta de acción, mi sensación fue que los administradores electorales progresistas estaban más interesados ​​en “Apariencia” de integridad electoral, más que integridad electoral real. [http://rebrand.ly/Unmasked2020 & http: // rebrand.ly/BFIN2020ElectionFraudFacts ] Y, en mi opinión, la razón por la que solo se preocupaban por la apariencia de integridad, era para que NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO (las masas) simplemente aceptar cualquier resultado fraudulento que nos hayan presentado los Administradores Electorales Progresistas. Como Juez de Elecciones y sobre todos los hechos que todos mis conciudadanos y yo también hemos presenciado, les aseguro que nuestro gobierno está involucrado en la sedición y la traición, evidenciada por la manipulación y el encubrimiento de la manipulación de la Elección 2020.

La pregunta es: ‘¿Qué deberíamos creer NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO y qué deberíamos hacer NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO?’ Todos sabemos que los principales medios de comunicación, las redes sociales y los políticos han estado usando propaganda, adoctrinamiento, censura y sospecha de los protocolos de cuarentena COVID-19 para evitar que NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO establezcamos la verdad por nosotros mismos al discutir asuntos entre nosotros. Al mismo tiempo, esta es una decisión que posiblemente pueda determinar el destino de sus hijos y la humanidad por la eternidad. Confíe en su propio instinto para establecer la verdad por sí mismo. Pero, antes de que alguien establezca la verdad por sí mismo sobre un asunto tan importante, les pido que lean “Reformadores iliberales: raza, eugenesia y economía estadounidense en la era progresista”. Fue publicado por primera vez en 2016 por el profesor progresista en práctica, Thomas Leonard. (Puede consultarlo en su biblioteca local). Una vez que haya establecido la verdad de estos asuntos por sí mismo, solo entonces podrá trazar un curso de acción apropiado.

En resumen, las élites progresistas globalistas están librando una guerra civil no convencional mediante una infiltración lenta y encubierta durante generaciones, por lo que ninguna generación se da cuenta de los cambios suficientes para resistir, rebelarse, tomar las armas o montar una contrarrevolución. Esta revolución sediciosa y traidora comenzó con el establecimiento de una cuarta rama de gobierno (Estado administrativo) bajo el presidente progresista Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921). Entre otros alborotos, las élites progresistas creen que son genética e intelectualmente superiores a las masas y NO deberían rendir cuentas a las masas supuestamente ignorantes. Las élites progresistas encargaron al estado administrativo reducir la responsabilidad de las 3 ramas originales del gobierno ante NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO y encabezar el avance de la agenda inconstitucional de las élites progresistas globalistas. Ante la idea de que los pensamientos inconstitucionales de las élites progresistas globalistas se conviertan en acciones para hacerlos realidad, sus pensamientos se convirtieron en traición y sedición.

Volviendo al papel de SCOTUS en estos asuntos … Para poner un punto más fino al respecto, la jurisprudencia imperante en la resolución de asuntos ante los Tribunales de nuestro país había sido el “Principio de la Libra (Roscoe)”. El ‘Principio de la libra’ daba grandes preferencias para que todos los asuntos ante cualquier tribunal se decidieran sobre el fondo y no sobre tecnicismos. En el transcurso de los más de 100 años de revolución de la Insurgencia Globalista Progresiva por infiltración lenta, nuestro Poder Judicial traidor y el Colegio de Abogados de los Estados Unidos reemplazaron la gran preferencia del Principio de Libra de sentido común para resolver los asuntos sobre la base de los méritos. Los juristas y abogados progresistas reemplazaron ‘una gran preferencia por la decisión judicial sobre el fondo’ con la preferencia de los globalistas progresistas para decidir los asuntos sobre tecnicismos y sin un jurado compuesto por las masas supuestamente ignorantes. SCOTUS decidió NO escuchar el asunto del Fraude electoral de 2020 por tecnicismos y no por méritos. Esto, a pesar del hecho de que el tema de la Integridad Electoral es un asunto de la mayor importancia en una República Representativa, Constitucionalmente Limitada. Pero SCOTUS, invadido por Progressive RINOs y DINOs, optó por ayudar e instigar a la Insurgencia Progresista Globalista. Repito, SCOTUS lo hizo negándose a escuchar el asunto del Fraude Electoral 2020 por tecnicismos, pero usó su decisión para dar la apariencia de legitimidad y legalidad de las Elecciones 2020. El Congreso Coconspirador luego falló en “Verificar y Equilibrar” a SCOTUS, en lugar de continuar con la tergiversación de que la decisión de SCOTUS de negarse a escuchar el asunto sobre tecnicismos, era prueba de la legitimidad de los resultados de las Elecciones de 2020.

Sí, sé que todavía hay casos pendientes en los asuntos del Fraude Electoral 2020. Sin embargo, este caso quizás más que cualquier otro, evidencia el adagio, “Justicia retrasada es justicia denegada. A pesar de este hecho, de alguna manera SCOTUS y CONGRESS quieren afirmar que sus acciones fueron justas y constitucionales. Y, aún más, use esta tergiversación como un falso pretexto para castigar a los ciudadanos, quienes habiendo establecido la verdad por sí mismos, les solicitaron la reparación de sus agravios (Ley Natural, Primera Enmienda, Declaración de Independencia – Largo Tren de Abusos) en la mayor medida posible. términos y forma.

La Ley Natural (1er párrafo, Declaración de Independencia) y la Constitución de los Estados Unidos son la autoridad civil establecida y el gobierno de nuestro país. Según el diccionario Merriam-Webster, la definición de insurrección: ‘un acto o instancia de rebelión contra la autoridad civil o un gobierno establecido’. Progressive Globalist son los traidores que se han involucrado en actos de “Insurrección” durante más de 100 años.

18 U.S. Code § 2383 – Rebelión o insurrección
Quien incite, ponga en pie, ayude o participe en cualquier rebelión o insurrección contra la autoridad de los Estados Unidos o sus leyes, o le brinde ayuda o consuelo, será multado bajo este título o encarcelado no más de diez años, o ambos; y será incapaz de ocupar ningún cargo en los Estados Unidos.

Considere además que hay 335 abogados (de 535 miembros) en el Congreso que son abogados. Más aún, hay 1,3 millones de abogados en Estados Unidos. Sin embargo, ningún abogado pudo y / o estuvo dispuesto a redactar un alegato sobre fraude electoral que pudiera sobrevivir al rechazo de SCOTUS por tecnicismos. Esto evidencia aún más al Colegio de Abogados de los EE. UU. Y al Poder Judicial como conspiradores en este golpe de estado sedicioso y traidor de larga duración, o la existencia de alguna forma de ‘Código Rojo’ Judicial (ver película de 1992, ‘Algunos hombres buenos’) que castiga a abogados y jueces que se oponen a la Insurgencia Progresista Globalista. De cualquier manera, ¿cómo es posible que NINGÚN abogado en Estados Unidos pueda redactar una demanda de conformidad con las reglas ante la Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos sobre el tema más importante en nuestra República representativa, constitucionalmente limitada? Nuevamente, le dejo a usted, el lector, establecer la verdad por sí mismo.

Con base en estos hechos, pido a todo el personal militar y de las fuerzas del orden de los EE. UU. Que establezcan la verdad por sí mismos y luego actúen, de acuerdo con la verdad que establezcan para sí mismos, para cumplir con sus juramentos de apoyar y defender la Constitución de los EE. UU. De todos los enemigos, extranjeros y nacionales. . Por favor, hágalo, para que NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO no tengamos que cargar con montar una Contrarrevolución a la Insurgencia Globalista Progresista.

Hago un llamamiento a las fuerzas del orden y las fuerzas armadas para que evalúen y / o reevalúen los hechos por sí mismos y actúen en consecuencia, y no se basen ni actúen sobre la propaganda, los giros, las perspectivas y las decisiones que los funcionarios gubernamentales comprometidos le han dictado. Una vez más, les exijo que cumplan sus juramentos de cargos para apoyar y defender la Constitución de los Estados Unidos, actuando sobre la base de la verdad de buena fe que ellos mismos establecen. (Los alguaciles del condado tienen especialmente la autoridad constitucional y el deber de apoyar y defender unilateralmente la Constitución y hacer cumplir la ley sin pedir permiso a nadie). Al mismo tiempo, nadie debe confiar en la evaluación de sus superiores. Muchos o la mayoría se han comprometido y / o están dispuestos a ser Coconspiradores en la insurgencia globalista progresista no tradicional. Rezo para que todas las fuerzas del orden y las fuerzas armadas de EE. UU. Se den cuenta de que el destino de la humanidad puede estar en sus duras manos individualistas. Digo ‘puede’ porque NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO aún podemos convertirnos en los árbitros finales del bien y del mal.

Al mismo tiempo, el Fundador nos instruyó que NOSOTROS EL PUEBLO debemos agotar nuestros remedios pacíficos antes de considerar remedios alternativos. A saber, le aconsejo lo siguiente: sus esfuerzos para elegir verdaderos candidatos conservadores constitucionales y promulgar una mejor ley de integridad electoral tienen el doble propósito de tratar de remediar pacíficamente nuestras quejas con el gobierno y documentar el agotamiento de estos recursos pacíficos. Al mismo tiempo, les imploro, “NO permitan que el establecimiento político simplemente juegue con ustedes agotando sus recursos físicos, emocionales y financieros, dejándolos sin energía para buscar remedios alternativos, cuando llegue ese momento”.

Mi pensamiento final es el siguiente: veo el camino para que Estados Unidos ni la Humanidad se recuperen si las injusticias de las elecciones estadounidenses de 2020 no se corrigen y deshacen de inmediato.

Esos fueron mis pensamientos

En libertad
Don Mashak
El patriota cínico

Este documento inspirado en Richard Kovacevich, David Lillehaug, Wells Fargo Bank, NA y William Bunker

HON or POS? Is Dakota County MN suspending the Rule of Law in the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki matter?


SandraGrazziniRuckiCloseup07252016This writer’s followers on Twitter and other Social Media are familiar with his intention of uniting rank and file Americans under one common Perspective of Reality. A Perspective of reality far truer than the false Perspective of Reality promoted through the divisive propaganda of the Main Stream Media and the two faux major political parties. With this article, this writer intends to build upon creating that truer, common Perspective of Reality so WE THE PEOPLE can unite against our government and hold our government officials accountable for their departures from the Rule of Law (aka Abuse of Power and/or Abuse of Discretion) and betrayals of the best interests of WE THE PEOPLE.

Yesterday morning this writer went to the continuing trial of Sandra Grazzini Rucki in Dakota County MN on various criminal charges relating to allegedly wrongfully depriving her ex husband, David Rucki, of parental rights, etc. Sandra Grazzini-Rucki’s well-founded and well-recognized affirmative defense is that she was acting to protect her children from what she reasonably believed was danger from their father.  Sandra Grazzini-Rucki numerous times went to the appropriate channels to seek the safety of her children, and resorted to helping the girls escape their allegedly abusive father only when the police, the courts and Child Protective Services (CPS) failed her.

This writer does not really know Sandra Grazzini-Rucki from Adam. This writer first became aware of her abuse at the hands of the Dakota County MN Courts and our Government in 2014, through his involvement with the Judicial TAR (Transparency, Accountability and Reform) Movement. Judicial TAR is a group of citizens who have sought a hearing before the Minnesota Legislature dedicated to receiving evidence and testimony of Systemic Corruption in the Minnesota Courts every year from 2005, and every year our requests for said hearing have been denied.  From this, WE THE PEOPLE of Judicial TAR believe it is reasonable for all American citizens to conclude that Minnesota Government and Courts, at a minimum have something to hide, and more likely are complicit in the Systemic Corruption of the Minnesota Courts. [Systemic Corruption means that the aspects of government that are supposed to prevent & punish corruption instead are complicit in and cover it up] In 2009, WE THE PEOPLE of Judicial TAR came to believe it would be unlikely we would ever have our request for said hearing granted. With victims of the Abuse of Power of the Courts and their advocates  getting frustrated, becoming disheartened, moving away and dying, WE THE PEOPLE of Judicial TAR held an Ad Hoc hearing on the Systemic Corruption in the Minnesota Courts to preserve our Petitions for Redress for Posterity:

03MAR2009 Ad Hoc MN hearing: Corruption in Judiciary 1/2

03MAR2009 Ad Hoc MN hearing: Corruption in Judiciary 2/2

 From this writer’s experience with the Judicial TAR Movement, this writer has learned nuances of the legal profession that most Americans are unaware of.  Add to this, this writer’s own experience in his personal civil litigation and 1 bogus criminal charge (eventually dismissed for lack of Probable Cause), and this writer asserts that he is uniquely qualified to understand how our Courts fix the outcomes of Court cases and educate his fellow rank and file citizens of the true nature of their government and courts.

This writer has written previously on the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki Matter in Dakota County Minnesota, but your government has seen fit to scrub those articles from the internet. (Main Stream Media (MSM) has seen fit to not publish this writer’s previous articles on the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki matter.) In total, almost 200 of this writer’s blogs and several hundred of his posts and articles have been scrubbed from the Internet.  One gets the sense that our government and courts don’t want rank and file Americans to have the information about their corruption, machinations and duplicity that this writer exposes. Yet, rather than try to recreate and reassert all the facts from those censored articles, this writer is going to focus on the mechanics of various allegations of how the Dakota County MN Courts are trying to fix the outcome of the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki litigation from a succinct, common sense legal perspective. (Fellow Minnesotan, Tim Kinley has a much better knowledge of the all the particular facts in the related previous matters under Judge David Knutson and underlying facts and minutia of the Dakota County MN Court departures from the Rule the Rule (aka Abuse of Power and/or Abuse of Discretion) under Judge Karen Asphaug which have led to this trial of Sandra Grazzini-Rucki – His Youtube Channel http://bit.ly/SpeechlessMN) This article is written more from a macro-overview and general mechanics perspective.

This writer wanted to attend this trial yesterday because it was alleged that there were/are departures from the Rule of Law (aka Abuse of Power and/or Abuse of Discretion) occurring intended to fix the outcome of the case, and he wanted to confirm their accuracy. At the same time, recent events provide an opportunity for this writer to build upon the American Public’s current familiarity with the departures from the Rule of Law. Specifically, this writer refers to the FBI’s Comey’s and DOJ’s Lynch’s failure to charge Hillary Clinton over her various State Department Email related crimes despite facts in evidence which required Hillary Clinton to be charged (http://usat.ly/29wwvnV; http://cnn.it/29JlQDO) For those not familiar with the concept of the “Rule of Law”;

It is the concept and requirement embodied in our founding documents that there only be one set of laws for all American citizens and that it be enforced equally on all
citizens without regard to status, wealth or government position.

Additionally, this writer will also build upon recent revelations by Wikileaks (and Edward Snowden) which have revealed to all Americans the lengths to which our government will go to conspire against WE THE PEOPLE’s free will and the Democratic Process. In this instance, this writer is specifically referring to a hack of the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) computer servers. Subsequently, the disclosed emails and documents from the DNC servers revealed that the level of Systemic Corruption extends not just to suspension of the Rule of Law but also to violations and machinations of the Democratic Process. (http://bit.ly/2afaGro)

In the present matter of the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki trial, it has been alleged:

  • The jury was tainted with a Newspaper containing an article placed in the jury holding room prior to jury selection;
  • The Court engaged in jury rigging in that it placed so many biased and/or unqualified potential jurors in the jury pool that the Defense could not eliminate them all with its limited number of “free boots” and Judge Karen Asphaug failed to remove at least two jurors for cause who eventually were empaneled on the jury;
  • The Court did/is engaging in fact shaping.

Now, as a member of the press, this writer went to the trial yesterday with the specific purpose of ascertaining if any of these allegations were true. This writer was denied the opportunity to make said inquiries.


This writer asserts the recent revelations of the magnitude of our government’s departures from the Rule of Law and Democratic Process warrant departures from accepted decorum. In some way, this writer feels he must signal to his fellow citizens that recent events require special attention. This writer will use these departures from decorum to signal to our fellow citizens that they can no longer remain calm and just go along with their normal daily routines; Rather our Government has departed so far from Constitutional and Natural Law, that the time has come for every American to question their blind loyalty to our government and actively work to restore our government’s accountability to WE THE PEOPLE. You have been fore-warned…

At the noon lunch break, as Prosecutor Kathryn M. Keena walked by where this writer was seated in the Courtroom gallery, this writer took the opportunity to shake her hand and introduce himself as a member of the Press and a member of the Judicial TAR Movement. Ms. Kathryn M. Keena continued toward the door as this writer began to ask her questions about the allegations. With the rudeness and arrogance of those Progressives who think they are better than all the rest of us (http://bit.ly/1mvmoB3), Ms. Kathryn M. Keena continued into a conference room without even the professional courtesy of saying she did not want to hear what this writer had to say nor answering any of this writer’s questions. As Prosecutor Kathryn M. Keena entered the conference room, this writer turned to leave the foyer of the courtroom but was blocked by the egress of others from the court room and patiently waited his opportunity to exit the door. While this writer was standing their facing the exit door waiting for an opportunity to leave, the lying POS Prosecutor Kathryn M. Keena made a FALSE REPORT to a Bailiff that I tried to follow her into the conference room. Lying POS Prosecutor Kathryn M. Keena ordered the Bailiff to have me removed. This writer protested that POS Prosecutor Kathryn M. Keena was lying, and that the Bailiff himself and others had this writer standing near them patiently waiting to leave the foyer. Others advised me to give up my protest and this writer left the foyer and the building.  Once again, Dakota County MN Courts had succeeded in preventing this writer from verifying the truth of their corruption and publishing it for the world to see.


JudgeDrunkonJudicialImmunityNow, lets revisit the various acts of departure from the Rule of Law (aka Abuse of Power and/or Abuse of Discretion) that have been alleged, in a simple, non-legal gibberish way so the average American can understand it. (See also http://bit.ly/SimulatedLitigationDefined and Proposed Election 2012 caucus resolutions for judicial reform(updated) Part 2of2; Resolution 17 http://bit.ly/2012JudicialTARResolutions2of2)

The alleged Court rules require that a Judge not do anything that might give the appearance of impropriety. Further, there is a requirement in the rules that says the “Finder of Fact” (Judge or Jury) allegedly can only consider facts and evidence on the OFFICIAL COURT RECORD. (When this writer says alleged, it mean that, in the writer’s opinion, the Courts so frequently ignore them one must question if they actually are adhered to or not.


In regard to the matter of the newspaper article about Sandra Grazzini-Rucki being in the jury waiting room before jury selection, shouldn’t there be a member of the staff assigned to ensuring that jury tainting evidence is not permitted in the jury waiting area.  Of course there is, but in this writer’s experience and knowledge, such methods of tainting juries are common in the courts.  To wit, every American has a right to a trial before an IMPARTIAL jury of their peers. To the point, if you were the one on trial how would you feel about a derogatory article about you being made available to potential jurors in the potential jury waiting room, potential jurors admitting they have read it and Judge Karen Asphaug ruling, “Ain’t no big deal”? In your opinion, if you are the Defendant, does Judge Karen Asphaug’s failure to redress this matter in a satisfactory manner give rise to an “appearance of impropriety”? (Untouchables – Switch Jury scene https://youtu.be/5Mbdi_NXweQ)


Next, we move to the departure from the Rule of Law (aka Abuse of Power and/or Abuse of Discretion) in alleged jury rigging.  In jury selection, the judge is supposed to disqualify jurors for a variety of reasons such as they are a friend or relative of one of the parties, that they are already familiar with the case, or they state have already made up their minds as to guilt or innocence, etc. This writer wanted to ask if any of these allegations regarding the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki matter were true. POS Prosecutor Kathryn M. Keena use the arrogant Progressive tactic (http://bit.ly/1mvmoB3) of having reporters not submissive to the Courts, booted. Therefore, it is necessary to say it is alleged  Judge Karen Asphaug failed to remove a person who said they read the article, knew about the case, felt that Sandra Grazzinni-Rucki was guilty and would be surprised if she was not found guilty.  Another allegation is that a potential juror admitted he had recently attended a party of a relative of David Rucki and was familiar with the case. Judge Karen Asphaug failed to disqualify either prospective juror, in the later case Judge Karen Asphaug said the potential juror’s assurances that they could remain impartial were sufficient to prevent her from disqualifying them. If you are the Defendant, “How impartial do you think these two jurors are going to be?” This is your life on the line here, should you be afforded every appearance of neutrality and fairness?

Now, in addition to the judge disqualifying jurors for cause, the Defense and Prosecution are allowed a small number of “free boots” of any juror for any reason.  It is alleged that Dakota County MN Court machinated the jury pool in the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki case so the Prosecution could get biased jurors on to the final jury panel.  It is alleged that the afore-mentioned two particular jurors should have been disqualified by the judge, but were not. It is alleged that so many biased/unqualified jurors had been machinated into the jury pool (stacked) by Dakota County MN Courts,  that the Defense would not have enough free boots, to get rid of them all. It is alleged that by the time these two particular prospective jurors turn in the jury selection process came up, the Defense had already expended all of its “free boots”.  In an allegedly random process, and with thousands of citizens living in Dakota County MN, what are the chances that 6 or more of about a 25 person jury pool would be biased against the Defense. Now, if you are the Defendant, do you think this was by chance or by deliberate machination of the process by the Dakota County Courts? ]Make sure you factor in your new understanding of your government’s lack of honor and integrity manifests itself in Government’s willingness to manipulate outcomes with recent revelations of its departure from the Rule of Law in the Hillary Clinton State Department Email matter and its willingness to engage in machinations to violate the Democratic Process reveal in the DNC Leaks (http://bit.ly/2afaGro)]


And lastly, there is the allegation in the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki matter that the Court is Fact/Evidence shaping the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki case.  As was mentioned earlier, the only facts and evidence the Finder of Fact (in this case the jury) is supposed to use in making its finding is the facts and evidence on the OFFICIAL COURT RECORD. Over time our courts have enacted a series of rules and precedents whereby they can include or exclude facts from the OFFICIAL COURT RECORD (let or keep the jury from seeing/hearing). In effect, judges can determine (fix) the outcome of any trial (or any other court proceeding) by only allowing on the OFFICIAL COURT RECORD those facts and evidence which support the desired outcome.

In this writer’s long experience with the Judicial TAR Movement, he has became aware of the practice in multiple cases of Judges “telegraphing” to the lawyers on both sides and other court personnel how the Judge would like to rule.  The lawyer fraternity (even the lawyer you paid) and other witness like Guardians Ad Litem and CPS, oblige the judge by only placing on the OFFICIAL COURT RECORD facts and evidence that will allow the Finder of Fact (Judge or Jury) to rule in the manner the judge has previously “telegraphed” to them. (Remember these judges and lawyers all go to the same continuing education courses, golf courses, country clubs and other social and professional events and speak their own “Legal-ease version of English – wink, wink; nudge, nudge; meaningful glance)

In the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki Matter, there is an allegation that Judge Karen Asphaug has purposely and wrongfully excluded and attempted to exclude facts and evidence from the OFFICIAL COURT RECORD which demonstrate Sandra Grazzini-Rucki reasonably feared for the health and safety of her children from their father David Rucki.

The question to you, if you are the Defendant, if Judge Karen Asphaug in fact acted in this matter, did she act in a way that gives an appearance of impropriety in the trial of Sandra Grazzini-Rucki? Did you get a fair trial? And, even if you have the money and emotional fortitude to appeal and win on appeal, is not the additional money and time spent amount to unjust punishment? (Progressive Conditioning http://wp.me/p4KIHq-27)

One single event/fact has cemented this writer’s belief in Sandra Grazzini-Rucki’s representation that she feared for the lives and safety of her children. It has been alleged that at some point in all of this David Rucki gathered the family around a kitchen table. Sandra Grazzini-Rucki alleges that David Rucki threatened to kill all of them and then himself. In the opposing version David Rucki only threatened to kill himself in front of the entire family gathered around the kitchen table. In this writer’s humble opinion, regardless of which version is true, this event also cemented the Parental Alienation of David Rucki’s children towards himself. That some version occurred is a matter of relevant fact. You can hear David Rucki in his own words try to spin the event to his best advantage in this newscast. (https://youtu.be/qVaXS_neu2E at 4m 45s to 5m); http://bit.ly/2aeUHWr 4m 50s to 5m 3s) David Rucki’s admission of some version of this event is what cements in this writer’s mind that Sandra Grazzini-Rucki reasonably believed her children were in danger, and when the legal authorities failed to act in accordance with the Rule of Law, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki was forced to assert her own UNALIENABLE NATURAL RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE and act to protect her children from her reasonably perceived threat from their father.

It is important to remember went to the Courthouse yesterday and tried to make inquiries and ask these questions so he could assert them as facts rather than allegations. But POS Prosecutor Kathryn M. Keena resorted to Progressive tactics to keep rank and file Americans ignorant of the systemic corruption of the Dakota County MN Courts.

What you also don’t know, are the allegations that Judge David Knutson made decisions in prior litigation related to the Rucki Divorce that also depart from the Rule of Law(aka Abuse of Power and/or Abuse of Discretion).  (In this writer’s humble opinion; think bribe, other consideration or Teddy Kennedy and Chappaquiddick dynamics) As Judge David Knutson is on the Discipline Review Board, its tough to pursue the truth through that avenue.  As the Minnesota Board of Judicial Standards is a legal black-hole and essentially a Public Relations firm for Minnesota Judges, no relief is available there either. And, as the Minnesota Legislature for 10+ years has refused to the Judicial TAR Movement a hearing dedicated to receiving evidence and testimony of systemic corruption in the Minnesota Courts, no relief will be force coming there. Still, someone should ask Judge David Knutson to explain his departures from the Rule of Law(aka Abuse of Power and/or Abuse of Discretion) in the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki matter, and this writer even suggests Judge David Knutson should submit to a polygraph to “avoid the appearance of impropriety”. [Here again, and especially, Tim Kinley has a much better grasp and understanding of the minutia and specifics of the departures from the Rule of Law allegedly committed by Judge David Knutson than does this writer. See his YouTube Channel “Speechless” (http://bit.ly/SpeechlessMN)]

This writer has an additional special qualification in this case of asserting the likely truthfulness of the allegations of departures from the Rule of Law(aka Abuse of Power and/or Abuse of Discretion)  in the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki matter.  Judge Karen Asphaug was one of the Judges in the only criminal matter this writer has ever been charged with (besides minor traffic tickets – No DWIs).  In that matter, this writer was in another Dakota County Courtroom in 2014 investigating allegations that Dakota County MN Law Enforcement was complicit in the local Drug Trade.  A woman complained that her X-husband was getting special treatment from Dakota County Law Enforcement and the Courts because he was the main supplier of these illegal drugs. The matter was eventually dismissed for LACK OF PROBABLE CAUSE(meaning it was BS). But along the way, I told Judge Karen Asphaug as I stood before her, “The charge and being forced to defend one’s self is the intended punishment” Our Government brings bogus charges against people to achieve its agenda because it knows the trauma, time and expense is punishment enough to scare people off or cow them into submission. Behind closed doors our government officials often laugh and think its funny to terrorize citizens. (Progressive Conditioning http://wp.me/p4KIHq-27)

Before the case against this writer was dismissed for being bogus, Judge Karen Asphaug ruled from the bench that the case should be heard by a Judge from a different jurisdiction as it involved Bailiff’s who work closely with Judges. This writer alleges that later Judge Karen Asphaug was instructed by former US MN AG and current MN Supreme Court POS Justice David “The Bag Man” Lillehaug (aka Killehaug) to cooperate in fixing the criminal case against this writer for political reasons and in furtherance of an ongoing criminal conspiracy against this writer.  Dakota County lined up 4 Bailiff’s/Sheriff’s Deputies to perjure themselves against this writer by saying he disrupted the Court and was guilty of “Disorderly Conduct”(while they believed no video existed). For months, the POS Prosecutor Dan Fluegel insisted all exculpatory video tape was destroyed. Only when this writer produced written correspondence from the Dakota County Sheriff’s Department confirming this writer demanded the video tape be retained within days of the incident, did some of the exculpatory video tape appear and the 4 Bailiff’s/Sheriff’s Deputies willing to perjure themselves slink away(Yet not fired or punished).  Only this writer’s appeal to the Minnesota Appellate Court along with a copy of the Court transcript forced Judge Karen Asphaug to make sure a Judge from another jurisdiction was administratively assigned to this writer’s case. You can read more about that here: Don Mashak Notice of Claims to Dakota County MN 10_09_2015 (http://bit.ly/2aeZfgy) You can also learn how a Sheriff’s Deputy can “Blow someone’s face off and the Union will have him back on the job the next day”.  So arrogant and above the law is Dakota County MN, that even though they are required by law to perform an investigation and provide a copy of the findings when a Notice of Claims is filed, they simply refused to comply. And apparently no government agency exists to force them to comply.

[With the topics we have covered in this article in mind, let us take a moment for this writer to acknowledge he sympathizes with the underlying causes of action pursued by “Black Lives Matter” (BLM). Though this writer does not agree with their methods, this writer has reached out to the “Black Lives Matter” Movement, offered them advice and asked them to join the Judicial TAR Movement. (http://bit.ly/29Ae8fH)]

So now, you understand why when Dakota County MN Courts and Judge Karen Asphaug are accused of departing from the Rule of Law(aka Abuse of Power and/or Abuse of Discretion), this writer has special qualifications for assessing the validity of those allegations. Really, Judge Karen Asphaug, you are going to put a woman in jail for being forced to protect her children when the police and legal system failed her? Really Judge Karen Asphaug, you don’t think your oath of office requires you to do something regarding Judge David Knutson requiring Sandra Grazzini-Rucki’s Lawyer to defend her client handcuffed to a wheel chair without notes or client her client present? When will you act to “avoid the appearance of impropriety”? Judge Karen Asphaug, there are so many other, “Really?” type posits, but in the end Judge Karen Asphaug, Is this what you really want to be known as?

Its up to you, Judge Karen Asphaug; HON or POS?

It is apparent from my one interaction with POS Prosecutor Kathryn M. Keena, she is in the habit of flippantly lying and ignoring her oath of office and should never be known as HON.

In closing, as I believe that WE THE PEOPLE are in fact the equals of the arrogant Progressive POS’s [despite Progressive Educated Elite assertions to the contrary (http://bit.ly/1mvmoB3)], I believe WE THE PEOPLE have the right to judge them for their failure to answer our questions and provide documents we request. And, I further assert WE THE  PEOPLE have a right to view these refusals in the manner prescribed by the US Supreme Court.

The Finder of Fact (You and I) may presume that the failure of a person (POS Prosecutor Kathryn M. Keena/Judge Karen Asphaug/Judge David Knutson) to answer questions and/or produce documents may be interpreted as an indication that their truthful responses would have been detrimental to their legal position.

POS Prosecutor Kathryn M. Keena refused to answer my questions and lied, to prevent the Press from exercising its First Amendment Right of Freedom of the Press. This writer never got a chance to query Judge Karen Asphaug. Others have tried to query Judge David Knutson, unsuccessfully.

This writer gives POS Prosecutor Kathryn M. Keena and Judge Karen Asphaug until 6pm CDT 28 JULY 2016 to respond to these allegations or summarily, WE THE PEOPLE may judge them to be accurate and true, in accordance with the rules the US Supreme Court that apply to anyone of WE THE PEOPLE when we appear before them.

Judge Karen Asphaug is aware of my contact information from her previous court related departure from the Rule of Law (aka Abuse of Power and/or Abuse of Discretion).

My fellow Americans, this writer hopes this article helps you all in forming a truer Perspective of Reality that permits us, as equals, to unite together and make our Government once again accountable to WE THE PEOPLE. Millennials and GenX’rs, as I have promised you elsewhere, you now have a better handle on the true nature of our Government and Courts. Keep fighting the good fight!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good [people] do nothing”

~ Edmund Burke

Government and Courts; Please take note, WE THE PEOPLE shall include lack of proper redress of our concerns in this matter, and our future Third Declaration of Causes (http://bit.ly/NewDOCRev1), in determining if and when it is appropriate for WE THE PEOPLE to withdraw our CONSENT TO BE GOVERNED.

This article was written by Don Mashak alone without seeking advice, direction or permission of anyone else. I alone am responsible for the content and publication of this article.

Those were my thoughts.

Thank you for your time.

In Liberty,

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot




MN Cities consider dumping Progressive Arrogance with return to Citizen Review of Police

CitizenReviewBoard07252016The Progressive Rag, the Minneapolis Star and Sickle, earlier this week wrote an article on the return of citizens to Police Review Committees. Apparently it was so controversial, they have made it extremely difficult to find online.  Lets take a moment to work on creating a truer common Perspective of Reality so WE THE PEOPLE can unite against our Government and hold it accountable.

About the time of the American Revolution (1776), the Country’s Founders warned that government must be constructed with the nature of man in mind or it was doomed to failure.

John Locke summed up the nature of man as:

“being tolerance with a tendancy towards reason, but who can be selfish”

The Founders’ perception of the nature of man perhaps is best summed up in the Cato Letters:

“All People[men] have free will and are not virtuous by nature”

Thus our Founder’s constructed our government with “Checks and Balances, Transparency and Accountability”

Enter the Progressives, circa 1900.

Similar to how the “Left” accused the TEA Party Movement of being funded and the brainchild of the Koch Brothers, The Progressive Movement was actually the brainchild of the Wealthy. The Wealthy grew tired of government being transparent and accountable to the masses.  The Media “MuckRakers” of the day, drove the Wealthy Trusts up the wall.

The wealthy trusts had the Progressive Movement promote the idea that:

“The Nature of Man is to be trustworthy and altruistic”

From this pile of manure came the idea that the Progressive educated elite, being trustworthy and altruistic, should be allowed to make decisions on behalf of the masses without accountability to the masses. (See also Social Darwinism)

This began a long trend of removing transparency and accountability to the masses in a wide variety of Government Agencies. The Police, Judges and Lawyers among them.

Of course, in much the same way a dam built on the premise that water runs up hill must fail, so must a government based on some other than actual human nature.

Without the transparency and accountability of citizen oversight, Law Enforcement across the country fell into systemic corruption. Its only human nature to protect those who you work with everyday, especially when one day you might need some “quid pro quo”. See the movies “The Untouchables”, “Lawless” and “Serpico” as evidence of this writer’s assertions.

With tensions rising and the two alleged major political parties using them for political purposes, American Law Enforcement has been forced to consider returning to a large presence of civilians to rebuild trust between Law Enforcement and the Civilian Community.

It just is Common Sense that average citizens, being outside, impartial “Finders of Fact” will most often find the actual truth, rather than cave to politically machinated results.

This writer would just ask you to never forget that it was the Progressives that removed the civilian oversight in the first place. And if the Founders were still around, they would be able to say, “We told you so.”

One last quick comment, shame on the American Main Stream Media not covering this in a color blind manner. And shame to the politicians that try to spin these events for political gain. In each of these events the the only possible results should be right, wrong and honest mistake/human error.

There are good and bad people in every group of people, regardless of what characteristics you use to define it. Once the honest and truthful determination of what happened is determined, the only way the event should be framed is in a colorblind manner of good people against bad people, and/or sadness for tragedy out of honest human error and a resolve to work  to avoid future tragedy.

Those were my thoughts.

Thank you for your time.

In Liberty,

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot


Halloween 2015: What are Americans most afraid of?

Halloween 2015: What are Americans most afraid of?

Halloween 2015: What are Americans most afraid of?

Halloween returns bringing with it the annual tradition of frights and fears, costumes and pranks as well as Tricks and Treats. The question is, what are Americans most afraid of these years.  One would think this Halloween would be like any other. The average American would guess the usual menu super natural frights such as ghosts, goblins, demons and Zombies. (Judging by Hollywood Movie and TV program offerings)  Or, judging by the stereotype of women and city slickers, one might guess things like spiders, mice and bats.  In most years and, on most Halloweens, those would seem to be safe bets.  But alas, this Halloween you would be wrong with those guesses.

This Chapman University Survey of American Fears (2015) recently announced the results from this years Halloween Season Polling. This year our American Government is the source of two of the top five fears of Americans, with Government Corruption striking fear in the hearts of nearly 60% of Americans.

  • Corruption of government officials (58.0%)
  • Cyber-terrorism (44.8%)
  • Corporate tracking of personal information (44.6%)
  • Terrorist attacks (44.4%)
  • Government tracking of personal information (41.4%)

Now this writer is no politician or government expert, but should Government Corruption be the number one issues of the 2016 Election Presidential Debates?  Yet, this writer has heard little to nothing about government corruption the political debate thus far, nor even in the 2016 Election Presidential Debates to date.  How is this possible?

Its seems Americans are to believe the Main Stream Media is unaware of Corruption in American Government.  Even then, how is it possible for our elected officials, or at least the leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC )and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to not be aware of some degree of Government Corruption.  How is it possible that Government Corruption has not been the mainstay of the Election 2016 Presidential Debates to date?

Now, again this writer is no expert, but doesn’t 58% of Americans placing Government Corruption as their number one fear, illicit some level of concern from our elected officials?  These folks who are supposed to represent us. Have their been some high level top secret Government meetings to address this concern? Have the Election 2016 Presidential Candidates gotten together and discussed this crisis in confidence the American People have in their Government and Politicians?  Correct this writer if he is wrong, but in an election wouldn’t any candidate receiving 58% of the vote be considered as having won in a “landslide”.

In fact, this writer has written many credible articles of his particular experiences and knowledge of government corruption. However, Main Stream Media refuses to print them. This writer is instead forced to post them on blogs and “Tweet” and “post” them in other Social Media.  )Perhaps that is why this writer has 77000+ followers on Twitter.) The fact of the matter is that our Main Stream Media is complicit with corrupt government officials in censoring the news of government corruption. (This despite Main Stream Media Fourth Estate obligation is to keep government transparent and accountable.) Again, this writer is aware of government corruption from personal experience and investigative research. This writer also has first hand knowledge of the censorship by Main Stream Media of his well documented articles exposing government corruption.

“The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by those who resist it!”

John Hay (1872), Private Secretary to President Abraham Lincoln, Secretary of State (1898-1905), Political Architect of the Panama Canal

Clearly, if our government cared about the distress and angst they were causing their constituents, they would not commit this acts of government corruption in the first place.  Further, if politicians cared what WE THE PEOPLE thought of them, they would at least go through the motions of pretending to care and appearing to address the issue of government corruption in a forthright manner. (But in fact, not only does our Progressive Government not care, creating stress and duress amongst their constituency is desired goal and affect. It is part of the Progressive philosophy of managing and manipulating WE THE PEOPLE like livestock. But that is a topic for another article Main Stream Media won’t publish. See Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals for answers to some of your questions along this line or read Hillary Clinton’s 1969 College Thesis on Saul Alinsky.)

All that having been said, it is this writer’s advice to his fellow American Citizens that they contact their elected officials and let them know how they feel. The one and only one Progressive Tyrant Class pretending to be two major political parties views your silence as consent to anything they do.  Go to their public appearances and confront them. My advise is to observe “proper decorum” for at least two months.  If they haven’t satisfactorily addressed your concerns within two months, they have no intentions of doing so.  (Hundreds of Minnesotans have asked every year since 2005 for a hearing dedicated to receiving evidence and testimony of systemic corruption in the Minnesota Judiciary. And every year we have been refused.) After 2 months, elected officials have “play book” handed down over the years from politician to politician on how to give you the run around.

Finally, at 58% of Americans living in fear of Government Corruption, the problem has reached the level where it requires and demands presidential action.  As has been said, government corruption should be the number one issue for all Election 2016 Presidential Debates. Demand your preferred political party make government corruption part of the rest of the Election 2016 Presidential Debates. If they don’t respond, take to Social Media and out them.  Participate in the Twitter exchanges during the rest of the Election 2016 Presidential Debates. And for gosh sake, grill our Federal and State Legislators, Executives and Judiciary.

Again, this 1 Progressive Tyrant Class pretending to be 2 major political parties views your silence as your consent. Remember and take heart in knowing you are not alone. At least 58% of your fellow citizens identify government corruption as their number one fear. This writer personally takes heart at knowing that at least 58% his fellow Americans share his view of our corrupt government.

WE THE PEOPLE surround them. Together WE THE PEOPLE can force government transparency and accountability.

Those were my thoughts.

Thank you for your time.

In Liberty,

Don Mashak

The Cynical Patriot