6NOV2017 St. Cloud, MN City Council Refugee Resettlement Moratorium Outcome

Grass roots politics at its finest…

November 6, 2017 St. Cloud, MN City Council Meeting:

A boisterous audience of No tobacco sales in St. Cloud (defeated) to contentious zoning StCloudCityCouncil06NOV2017_2for a very large apt complex in a residential area on Pine Cone Road (defeated) and 75 flag waving supporters of Councilman Jeff Johnson  who finally at 10:30 pm  was given the opportunity to bring his long awaited proposal on REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT MORATORIUM & TRANSPARENCY (based on Federal Law – 8 USC 1522) for a vote.  This time he had a second by George Hontos but George while agreeing with many of the points did not vote with Jeff.  The vote was as  expected 6 to 1.



Because many of us feel US Federal Law 8, 1522 was broken in regards to local control this vote will be brought to the attention of the Federal Government.  One more argument that there has never been any attempt at local control at the city or State level…






There are so much foundational knowledge upon which this writer’s “perception of reality” is based, that it would be impossible & imprudent to expose you to all of it here. (The article would become too long & the majority wouldn’t read it,  intimidated by its volume.) Therefore, this writer will try to keep it to the necessary foundational, nuts and bolts.


This is a message in particular to other communities suffering from this American

15 Years of US Refugee Resettlement Areas (2017)

15 Years of US Refugee Resettlement Areas (2017)

Government inflicted Refugee Invasion. Please use this and other articles as your road map to holding your government accountable.  This is the way Progressive Government functions; Progressives being constrained by our Constitution, seek to have their way by outlasting you. (See 11th Annual Demand to Minnesota Judiciary Committees For Hearing to recieve evidence of Corruption in Minnesota Courts) You must not let them outlast you.  In my humble opinion (IMHO), the good people of St. Agenda2050_Map_MegaregionsEachWith6MWheredidother50MGoQProgressiveEugenicsDepopulationUNUnitedNAtionsSustainableGrowthCloud, MN are drawing you a road map to follow in your own communities to confront this refugee invasion. Respectfully, this writer suggests you start implementing these same methods in your own communities. In my humble opinion, it will take the cumulative push back across the country to stem the tide of this Refugee Invasion. The good long term resident folks of St. Cloud MN are your trailblazers, IMHO you should collaborate with them and follow their lead.

As this writer has indicated in previous articles on this topic, his original intent was just to forward information from concerned citizens in St. Cloud, MN, about 40 miles from his home.  However, the more this writer learned about this situation and applied his knowledge of other political forces to it, it has became necessary to interject his comments.  You can get an overview of what’s been happening with the “Refugees” in St. Cloud, MN by reading these 2 articles:

St. Cloud, MN: Tonight, Monday 6NOV2017, Is the Night Councilman Jeff Johnson will Introduce his proposed Refugee Moratorium

“Another Chapter in the St. Cloud MN Refugee Invasion-8 USC 1522”

St. Cloud MN Refugee Invasion: NIMBY Vs a Bigger Picture

In this writer’s opinion, various policies our PROGRESSIVE government has implemented directly threaten the long term stability and sovereignty of the United States of America. To make you aware of these threats, it is necessary to expound on some information (Metaphysics) from St. Cloud MN Refugee Invasion: NIMBY Vs a Bigger Picture.                                                                                    SamuelAdamsOnNaturalLaw06102016_700x621

Briefly, our country was founded on NATURAL LAW  and the Concepts of “CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED” and each Individual CITIZEN having “Unalienable Natural Rights.” It is the duty of Government officials to represent the best interests of the citizens. It is the duty of Government, to protect Natural Law, the Constitution and its citizens from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Natural Law and Consent of the Governed were in direct conflict with King George of DivineRightOfKings_NotMuchIntoTheology311X250England’s “DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS.” Pursuant to the Divine Right of Kings the King/Queen was deemed a God or representative of God here on earth, & therefore their authority and decisions could not be questioned. The King/Queen’s SUBJECTS had no rights, only permissions and privileges granted by the King/Queen. Clearly Natural Law and Divine Right of Kings were in conflict and this is what led to the American Revolution.

PROGRESSIVISM is the attempt by restore to the “TYRANT CLASS” the power they had ProgressivesWhatItReallyIsunder the Divine Right of Kings. Progressives replace “divinity” with alleged “intellectual superiority” to the allegedly “ignorant masses,” as the reason they should not be accountable to the masses.

Darwin’s “Origin of Species (1859)” was the Scientific advance that forms the philosophical foundation of Progressivism. Progressives were first known as the “Social Darwinists” during the 1870s. The Social Darwinist asserted the Rich were genetically superior and, therefore, had the right to exploit the poor. This idea didn’t go over well in an America filled with a bunch of rugged, independent individuals. Circa 1900AD, the Social Darwinists morphed into the Progressives. About this same time, the Progressives declared White Men the superior race. A branch of Progressivism became Hitler’s NAZIs.

As we have said, Progressives assert they are intellectually superior to the masses whichDelphiTechniqueDefinition10122016 they further assert are ignorant.  Therefore, Progressives assert they shouldn’t be accountable to the masses. Fortunately, our American Founders hamstrung the Progressives with the Natural Law and the Constitution. Therefore, Progressive alleged educated elites cannot simply enact their desires, but must find ways around Natural Law and the Constitution.  They also must implement their Agenda slowly and Incrementally over generations so the rugged individualist Americans do not revolt and hang them for Treason. To that end, Progressives have used advances in science, particularly psychology, to incrementally enslave the masses. These psychological methods are better known as “Psychological Operations” aka “PsyOps.” Marxist Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” & Progressive Edward Bernay’s book “Propaganda (1929)” (See Video: Edward Bernays: Assassin of Democracy) are two excellent sources to learn about the PsyOps Progressives are using on you and the rest of WE THE PEOPLE. (Hillary Clinton did her college thesis on Saul Alinsky & became a great admirer)

Fake Polling data used as Progressive Delphi technique to convince                          Millennials they don’t want to own homes/cars

Which brings us to the incremental Treason of our Government in allowing this Refugee Invasion. If Progressives simply declared your Natural Rights null & void & that they no longer represented and were accountable to you, we all would revolt. And they all would be hung for Treason. The Progressives also know if they simply declared America was joining the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (aka NEW WORLD ORDER) & giving up its sovereign Nationalism, WE THE PEOPLE would also revolt and hang them for Treason.

A united America can never be taken down. That is why Progressives are promoting GeorgeSorosBlackLiveMatterMentalViceEasiestToManipulateDestroyAmerican08162017disharmony. Progressives have been using the age old strategy of DIVIDE AND CONQUER to prevent WE THE PEOPLE from uniting and holding them ACCOUNTABLE. Until recently, the 1 Progressive Tyrant Class pretending to be two major political parties have been using issues & labels like race, religion, sex & class warfare to divide, conquer & distract us. But the race war Progressives wanted between Blacks & Whites Never Materialized.

So Progressive DINOs and RINOs are introducing all of these immigrants into our country at a pace which prevents them from assimilating into the American melting pot, but instead leads to BALKANIZATION.


The Progressives saw the effects of Balkanization on the post WWII European Balkan states. Countries quarreled and subdivided themselves over political ideology, ethnicity and religion. Progressives are now inflicting this on America to further break up the cohesiveness of WE THE PEOPLE. Long term Americans will never willingly consent to the break up of American, the loss of their Unalienable Natural Rights nor the loss of its sovereignty to a NEW WORLD ORDER. But immigrants have no such loyalty to America nor do they have a “perspective of reality” rooted in Natural Law, Consent of the Governed, the Constitution nor Unalienable Natural Rights. Such people won’t strongly feel the need to defend America from its enemies, foreign and domestic.

This writer trusts that he doesn’t have to spell out what this unchecked influx of HenryKissingerOnNWOPlan03232017PLANImmigrants will bring in the future.  We have only to look to Europe to see the trouble coming to America in a decade or two.  And if this is not enough evidence as to why this writer refers to the Immigration Deluge as Treason, how about this. We are importing folks from regions of the world who we are at war with and/or who have sworn their commitment to the demise of America. Presidents Roosevelt and Eisenhower interredGeorgeSorosIhateAmerica&AllAmericans American Japanese and Germans for the duration of the war. This writer submits that if these Presidents had instead allowed endless waves of Germans and Japanese to come to America during the war, they would have been seen as committing Treason, removed from office and likely executed. America is currently at war with the areas we are importing these refugees from (and/or they have declared they will destroy us). Yes, Not all Germans and Japanese meant America harm, but in time of war, survival is paramount and the uncertainty of determining friend from foe makes suspending immigration from those areas simple common Sense. To not do so is Treason.


Now that you grasp a small part of the foundation of this writer’s “perspective of reality” is built upon, it should be clear that this Refugee Invasion is undermining our Number One Natural Right – Self-Defense/Self-Preservation. And as DEFENSE is the highest priority of our Federal Government, our government officials failure to provide for our DEFENSE is TREASON. And, allowing enemy to come to our shores unchecked clearly is Aiding & Abetting America’s enemies. Their oaths of office require them to protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Our Government has failed to do so, intentionally… This is TREASON!



Decades of Government preventing Christians from exercising their faith in Public Schools now contradicted by the mandated observations of the Muslim faith should clearly define the intend of our Government Officials as TREASON.



Hitler and the NAZIs came to power on the coattails of lies, censorship and propaganda orchestrated by Propaganda Ministers MikaBrzezinskiMSMControlExactlyWhatPeopleThink11072017Joeseph Goebbels. We now have Mainstream Media like the Major TV Networks and Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram censoring Truth, promulgating propaganda and not allowing conservative voices to be heard. The German people at least had the excuse that those tactics had never been used on a society before; my fellow Americans, you have no such excuse. Are you really going to willfully allow future generations to be enslaved because the Progressives did it slowly enough to prevent revolt, or worse, because you can’t be bothered?


If you were there we send you our apologies for the super long wait which none of us ThomasPaineDutyOfTruePatriots03102017expected.  But please know your presence did not go unnoticed.  From the elderly gentleman who stuck it out to the end but was visibly handicapped and using his cane to enter and leave, to the Mother of the teenager that really wanted to get home, to Gary a real patriot who made an impassioned argument in defense of the rezoning request drawing parallels to the out of control, unregulated refugee resettlement , to the Reverend Dennis Campbell Pastor of Granite City Baptist Church who simply prayed for everybody from the podium,  to all us average folks that are fed up with being walked over by the powers that be everyone of you made a difference and  Jeff certainly felt your support.

As us late supporters made their way out of the chambers we noticed 3 flags lying on the floor where young female SCSU students were sitting.  We had asked them if they wanted flags to support Jeff Johnson and they replied they were not supporters but wanted flags.  So of course in a patriotic move to educate them on the high value of patriotism we gave them flags.  What a sorry sight to see them lying on the floor like so much garbage.



We noticed stickers on loud opponents saying BLACK LIVES MATTER.  WE told them that we agreed with that as well but this has nothing to do with color or welcoming but everything to do with economic disaster if this program is not halted immediately.


It is a crying shame that our working poor and elderly on fixed incomes are being trampled over by the mad dog rush to bring in thousands of more refugees starting with another 225 primary.

Joseph E. Staskewicz

” But who is the slave in America today?  Who is the slave when I and my fellow citizens are forced to work two to three jobs to help pay for those who refuse to work via welfare checks, food stamps, rent subsides, and free medical care (including abortions ), many of whom aren’t even US citizens.  Who is the slave when the old and the weak are afraid to walk the streets of our cities, towns, and even villages for fear of thugs, gangs, and murderers, some of whom are the very same people we subsidize through tax money.  That is slavery!”

Click here to watch the video of the 06NOV2017 St. Cloud MN City Council Meeting Councilman Jeff Johnson did not get to present his Refugee Resettlement Moratorium Resolution until 10:30pm.

Enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and my insights and Comments.

Keep fighting the good fight, fellow patriots.

In Liberty,

Don Mashak

The Cynical Patriot

PS: To prevail we must restore a “a common perspective of reality” with its foundations in Natural Law & Consent of the Governed. May I suggest beginning with reading Locke’s Second Treatise on Government.



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