Another Chapter in the St. Cloud, MN Refugee Invasion – Federal Law 8 USC 1522

As I have said before, I don’t live in St. Cloud, MN. I am merely passing information along that has been given to me by concerned St. Cloud area citizens.  Before I do, I ask you to consider the following. Progressive George Soros has stated he wants to destroy America. Progressive George Soros has pushed this “Open Borders” agenda. George Soros wants America dissolved and absorbed into One World Government aka New World Order. CriticalThinkingExercise
I ask you to step back and use your own common sense. George Soros funded, pushed and wants this refugee invasion. George Soros funds and directs Antifa, who has declared a civil war to begin on November 4, 2017.  These acts of George Soros are Treason and Sedition.
Why has our government not arrested George Soros? Is it not clear to you that elements of our government are complicit in George Soros’ plans to destroy America? I encourage you to gather with your long term neighbors, calmly debate the facts at hand  and act upon the TRUTH YOU ESTABLISH USING YOUR OWN OBSERVATIONS AND REASONING, and stop letting your government tell you what to think. (Take a gander at UN Agenda 2050)
Those were my thoughts, now to the rest of the article:
Federal law…8 US CODE 1522
VOLAG Lutheran Social Services and our St. Cloud Mayor and City Council may be found in violation of this law by their refusal to allow citizenYearlyConsultationWithStatePartnersRERefugeeAdmissionsToTheState11022017 participation in the economic and social upheaval being forced on them. 
It has been reported that St. Cloud now has approximately 20,000 refugees living here and most are on assistance.  WE were a small town of 50,000 10 years ago and now population estimated at 67,000. Federal law..8 US Code 1522 was adopted for a good reason so that no town would be saturated with peoples that need everything. 
Moratorium to be requested on the addition of 225 primary refugees until IslamStrategya full and true costs refugee resettlement is done with the public informed fully. This will have nothing to do with the 20,000 people already here or will be coming through secondary migration.  Jeff Johnson and his supporters fully support continued welcoming of these peoples.  City planning used to involve knowing the numbers of people that are here now and will be coming.  Our Mayor and most council members do not want to know any of this information and certainly do not want their citizens to know.  This may be against Federal law…8 US Code 1522.   
Please mark your calendars for November 6th..Council chambers at 6:00 pm.  Speak during the open forum if you have not already spoken twice this year and attend this important meeting in support of Council member Jeff Johnson.  


Our St. Cloud Times true to form with no research into Federal Law..8 US Code 1522 headlines today October 19th paper..”Leaders call council member’s refugee ban proposal ‘despicable’.” 
And the renowned organization CAIR that they love to quote as a Leader came out with typical terrorist language …”vote no on the moratorium which is a despicable, racist, Islamophobic, and ill-informed motion targeting refugees.”
Remember CAIR was a non-indicted co-conspirator with the Muslim Brotherhood at the Hold Land Foundation trial.  So the Times likes to quote terrorists to prove their points.  No surprise there.
 From another St. Cloud MN Resident:

The following article was in a recent issue of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  At  the top of it was a photo of Councilman

15 Years of US Refugee Resettlement Areas (2017)
15 Years of US Refugee Resettlement Areas (2

Johnson.  Please feel free to share. We all need to show our support for our wonderful Councilman Johnson and thank him for his  ethics, honesty  and courage in facing this situation head on against all odds….but many of we the people are grateful and have his back!!! It is a hard spot to be in.  Thank you Councilman Johnson and God bless you your family with peace in your hearts.🙏🙇

From the Star and Tribune..

City of St. Cloud St. Cloud City Council Member Jeff Johnson said he plans to wait until November to introduce a resolution recommending a moratorium be placed on the resettlement of more refugees Expressing concern about “the overall quality of life” for his city’s residents, a St. Cloud City Council member is asking his colleagues to consider placing limits on refugee resettlement.Council Member Jeff Johnson said Tuesday that he plans to propose a resolution at the council’s Nov. 6 meeting recommending a moratorium be placed on the resettlement of more refugees until the city gets more information about the number moving to the city and the cost to taxpayers.

However, several council members said Tuesday that resettlement is not the city’s responsibility and that Johnson’s proposed resolution doesn’t have the support of the six other members.


“I think it’s unconstitutional,” Council Member John Libert said. “It’s inappropriate. I’m ashamed of him trying to pull it forward … we can’t tell people they can’t come here.”

Said Council Member Steve Laraway, “Our job is really public safety, infrastructure, parks and utilities.”

While the federal government oversees resettlement, Johnson said in a brief interview Tuesday that “we can be involved in it” at the city level. He said in his proposed resolution that “the overall quality of life for St. Cloud residents will continue to be adversely impaired by excessive demands on local resources if primary resettlement continues.”

Johnson’s resolution comes after some residents have repeatedly pushed the City Council in recent weeks to control the number of refugees moving to St. Cloud.

On Tuesday, the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations launched a petition drive to urge the council to vote against Johnson’s motion.

The proposal is a “despicable, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and ill-informed motion targeting refugees,” CAIR-MN Executive Director Jaylani Hussein said in a news release.

Johnson was initially expected to introduce the resolution at next Monday’s City Council meeting, but said he plans to delay it until November.

Mayor Dave Kleis, who can’t vote on council resolutions, said Tuesday that he doesn’t see Johnson’s proposal as “reflective of the community,” and hopes the council instead approves language affirming that St. Cloud is a welcoming place.

St. Cloud, a heavily German and Catholic community along the Mississippi River, has grown increasingly diverse in recent years, especially with an increasing Somali refugee population.

Last year, the central Minnesota city was thrust into the national spotlight after a 20-year-old Somali refugee stabbed and wounded 10 people at a local mall. A year later, the FBI has been unable to pinpoint the attacker’s motives.

While many of the city’s 67,000 residents have turned out to denounce the attack and promote racial harmony at rallies, some Somali refugees have reported anti-Muslim, racist incidents.

In August, some residents presented a petition titled “St. Cloud Citizens for Transparency,” collecting nearly 300 signatures from residents in Minnesota and 11 other states, asking the council to control refugee resettlement. Since then, nearly every person who has addressed the City Council at its meetings has pushed for a moratorium.

The proposed moratorium, Laraway added, was distributed via e-mail Tuesday — the same day as the 12th annual city-sponsored “Conversation on Race,” which was designed to bring the community together

Conversations on Race should still continue to bring the community together and this moratorium should actually help not hinder as the people will feel informed as to the full and true costs of refugee resettlement.  People’s right to know!!!!!!!!!!! We are denied that right right now.  

—- End Article

And to end, please study these statements of George Soros that are often cited in calling for his arrest.  Please use your observations and reasoning wisely, the future of America and your children may depend upon it.


Those were my thoughts, and the thoughts of some concerned long term St. Cloud, MN Americans.

Please lend them your aid and comfort as you deem fit.

Thank you for your time.

In Liberty,

Don Mashak

The Cynical Patriot.





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