Contact Info for St. Cloud MN Area Refugee Services Admin

Folks have been asking for contact information for persons associated with St. Cloud, _TempStCloudMNRefugeeServicesAdmin09192017Minnesota area Refugee Services Administration. Here is what I have came across:

Lutheran Social Services next meeting …
Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 at the St. Cloud Workforce Center 3 to 4:30 pm
The taxpayers pay all the bills but only these people are allowed to attend. this is where the discussion takes place regarding the logistics of placement and care for the next wave of refugees. 
If you think that the taxpayers should be given a seat come with your American flags and politely ask for a seat at the table.

You can contact the Lutheran Social Services Director Karin Blythe …320-298-2200 …

Workforce Center location of meeting 
1542 Northway Drive St. Cloud, Mn. 56303
Across from Whitney 
Also call Mayor Dave Kleis.(320-293-8888)..until the last meeting he refused to attend any of these Lutheran Social Services Meetings for refugee resettlement  because he said they were closed meetings and he did not attend closed meetings.  
Well Mayor Dave that meant that no one was watching the out of control resettlement and no one was asking about vetting or overcrowding or economic 
impossibilities etc etc.  Virtually the program has been running with engines full blast and no questions asked.  Taxpayers refused entry.  What a set up!!!!!!!!!

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