St. Cloud MN City Council refuses to study impact of Refugee Crisis

Unbelievable that the St. Cloud City Council could not or would not vote to

St. Cloud MN City Council

St. Cloud MN City Council

study the major economic impact of refugee resettlement (07AUG2017)…

We are not asking for the moon just to analyze the conditions that are causing fear in some neighborhoods and a plummeting of home values in some neighborhoods.  Isn’t this what a Mayor and Council are elected to do?  
Councilman Jeff Johnson tried his hardest to put forward a yes vote..should have been unanimous.
A source provided this information on the voting.
>> Subject: Council vote tonight
>> The vote to have a city council study topic on the local economic impact of refugee resettlement failed on a 4 to 3 vote. I fought hard but we did not prevail. I am so sorry. You can watch the video online when it’s uploaded tonight or tomorrow.
>> Voting FOR
>> Hontos
>> Johnson
>> Masters
>> Voting AGAINST
>> Libert
>> Goerger
>> Lewis
>> Laraway
This is how Progressive Globalist Government works.
They no longer represent WE THE PEOPLE!
Instead they manage and manipulate us like livestock.
Fellow Americans:
How much longer are we going to let this go on?
The St. Cloud MN City Councils attitude is just reflective of the attitude of Progressive Globalists. This attitude is reflected in all levels of government.
Wright County MN Government refuses to give Government Financial Records which are supposed to be a matter of Public Record. Instead they provide figures aggregated in the millions of dollars so detecting waste, fraud & error is impossible..
In another example;
Since 2005, Minnesotans have asked for a hearing dedicated receiving evidence and testimony of corruption in the Minnesota Courts. We have been denied every year.
Instead, the powers that be sanctioned the Quie Commission to certify the Minnesota Courts are almost corruption free as part of their strategy to take away your right of vote for Minnesota Judges. [Merit Selection Retention Elections – MSRE (pronounced “Misery”)]
Are you going to go along to get along (or to avoid retaliation) for our own
personal comfort?
Because  in so doing, you are sentencing your children and future generations of
Americans to enslavement with the “Appearance of Freedom.”
If you refuse to bow to tyranny, Join us on Twitter
Those were my thoughts
In Liberty,
Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot

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